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Hrimfaxi Submarine

The Hrimfaxi'-class Submarine' (リムファクシ Rimufakushi) was one of the two submarines developed by Yuktobania during the Cold War. It is the sister ship of the Scinfaxi.

The Hrimfaxi was developed during the 80s, when the Cold War with Osea had reached the point where both countries began Strategic Defense Initiatives (SDIs) of their own.

Circum-Pacific War (2010)

Though the Osean military thought the Scinfaxi was the only submarine of its kind, the Hrimfaxi was discovered shortly after Osea invaded Yuktobania. The Wardog squadron was sent to the Razgriz Straits with the mission of sinking it before it could launch ballistic missles at the Osean ground forces.
The Hrimfaxi was destroyed in the Razgriz Straights by the Wardog Squadron. The mission details were for the Wardog Squadron to sneak by patrols and attack the Hrimfaxi while it was being rearmed. The attack was successful and the Hrimfaxi was unable to remain submerged due to damage sustained. On resurfacing, it launched an assualt on the Wardog Squadron using UAVs, SAMs and AA guns. After losing these defenses, the Hrimfaxi launched a ballistic missile in the combat zone. Despite the large explosion from the missile, the Wardog Squadron was unharmed and the Hrimfaxi was destroyed soon after. It was this battle that gave the Wardog Squadron their nickname "The Demons of Razgriz".

From:Acepedia,the Ace Combat wiki
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